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My Projects

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No Strings Attached

Short Film - Dir. Heather Alexis

Completed - Trailer HERE

When the baggage of her past takes the form of an indestructible balloon, Faith must face her demons and learn to let it go, or risk living with a balloon attached to her wrist forever.

Produced and First Assistant Directed By Colette Poncet

Love Bomb Baby

Short Film - Dir. Bryan Uvaldo

Post - Production

After catching her cheating girlfriend, a fiery, drunk woman beats up an entire Halloween college party––all while prioritizing which drink is in her hand.

Associate Produced & Second Assistant Directed By Colette Poncet

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Thanks For The Advice

Short Film - Dir. Jack Whitehurst


A socially-awkward young man gets bad dating advice from his bro-y best friend.

Shot and Produced By Colette Poncet

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