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My name is Colette Poncet and I am a New York based filmmaker and student at New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study where I'm developing a concentration in film and television production, developmental psychology, and entertainment business. I am also currently producing several student films, as well as developing my own film and television concepts. 

All About Me

All About Me

Born and raised in a French - American household in New York, I discovered my love for storytelling at a young age when watching movies in my basement with my dad. In 2018, when I attended UCLA's Digital Filmmaking Summer Institute and worked on two short films in two weeks, that I decided to pursue filmmaking as a career. In 2020, I enrolled in New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study where I've developed a concentration about mental health representation in film and television by studying developmental psychology, screenwriting, film and television production, and entertainment business.

Alongside my academic commitments, I've spent my time at NYU serving as President of the Gallatin Film Alliance and as a Gallatin Ambassador. I've also gained work experience: spending 7 months interning in Development at Stephanie Germain Productions, and most recently concluding a spring internship in TV Development at Legendary Pictures. Additionally I work as a freelance filmmaker, where I primarily produce and assistant direct student films. I also develop my own feature and episodic concepts. 

Looking ahead, I hope to continue writing and producing projects that both empower mental health and complex relationships. Mental health was a prevalent issue in my surroundings growing up and I found myself turning to film and tv for comfort and relatability. My ultimate goal is to create content that makes people feel seen. When I'm not working I enjoy tap-dancing, taking road trips, and spending time with my service dog, Remi.

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